About Us

PMC Group is a growth oriented, diversified, global chemicals company dedicated to innovative solutions to everyday needs in a broad range of end markets including plastics, consumer products, electronics, paints, packaging, personal care, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals. The Company was built on a sustainable model of growth through innovation while promoting social good. Dedicated to sustainability, PMC operates from a global manufacturing, innovation and marketing platform with facilities and personnel in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

PMC Group began in 1994 as a vision in the mind of CEO Dr. P.M. Chakrabarti, then Chief Technical Officer of the Fortune 100 chemical powerhouse PPG Industries. The vision was to create a new model for the global corporation, one in which top line and bottom line growth go hand in hand, while promoting social good. The engine for this growth is the profits generated by the organization and the fuel for this engine is innovation.

In order to foster innovation, our management structure strives to allow our businesses to operate in the manner most effective to serve their individual markets while having the financial, management and related strengths of global enterprise.

Today, through a combination of innovative organic growth coupled with strategic acquisitions, PMC Group has become a global organization with manufacturing, research and marketing organizations throughout the world all fueled by continuous innovation and a dedication to unassailable quality, service and safety of our people and the environment. Our products enhance the quality of life of people in every corner of the globe. Our excitement for this growth has no bounds, and we continue to drive the innovation that has helped to make so many of our customers’ businesses better and helped create a better living for consumers around the world. We welcome your patronage in this journey of ours.