Our Vision

The vision of PMC Group is to create a new kind of global corporation — a corporation with a soul and one that acts as an engine for regional economic growth and exists primarily to promote common good by creating social values. This engine is fueled, of course, by its profit, but it derives its power from its ability to innovate and from the quality of service it provides to its customers.

Our Commitment

PMC Group is a diversified global performance chemicals and plastics company committed to delivering innovative solutions and superior services to our industries. In doing business with us, our commitment is to provide you with:

  • The highest level of quality in our products and services
  • An unmatched level of customer, technical and support services
  • Attentive personnel who strive to understand the changing needs of our customers and market so we can continuously deliver new and innovative solutions to market needs.

Our business units are focused on developing and changing their business approaches to best serve their individual markets. This philosophy combined with the organizational strength and financial resources of PMC Group have helped us take leadership positions in many of the markets that we serve.